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Free Shipping Until the End of the Week - Order Now!

GF-500 Long Range Gemstones Detector

by MWF
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The GF-500 Diamond & Gems Detector is a cutting-edge device engineered for precision and efficiency. Featuring a Long Distance Sensing System (LDS) coupled with advanced acoustic identification technology, this detector excels in accurately locating and identifying target points. Its high rigor frequency waves are adept at penetrating underground, ensuring reliable and precise detection of diamonds and gemstones. The GF-500 stands out for its ability to combine advanced technology with user-friendly functionality, making it a top choice for professionals in diamond and gemstone detection.


  • Battery
    • 32 Work hours
  • Screen
    • LED Interface
  • Device system
    • Long Range Locator (LRL)
  • Discrimination Between targets
    • Yes(Optional)
  • Depth
    • From 0 To 10 m
  • Distance
    • From 0 To 200m
  • Simple Control Panel: The device features an intuitive interface with button keys and LEDs, allowing users to easily control and set up the device for searching. The control panel includes the following buttons:

    • ON/OFF button
    • Volume adjust button
    • Target selection type button
    • Depth range selection button
    • Distance range selection button
    • Control in 5 sound level modes, in addition to a silent or vibrator mode.
  • LED Indicators: The device is equipped with LED indicators for search and signal, comprising three levels, and battery levels, also consisting of 3 levels to show the battery charge.

  • LED Display for Search Modes: An LED interface displays selected search modes, including target type, depth, and distance.

  • Target Detection: The device is capable of detecting Diamonds, Emeralds, Meteorites, and all Gemstones.

  • Search Depth Options: Users can select from an optional depth range starting from 0 meters and extending to 1m, 3m, 5m, 7m, or 10m.

  • Search Distance Options: The device offers a choice of search distances, beginning from 0 meters and extending up to 25m, 50m, 100m, 150m, or 200m.

  • User-Friendly Design: The device is designed for easy operation, suitable for users of all experience levels.

  • Compact and Portable: Its small size allows it to be conveniently placed in a pocket, facilitating easy movement.

  • Lightweight for Comfort: The device's lightweight design ensures that users can operate it without exertion or fatigue.

    • Includes:
      • The Main Control Unit
      • Transmitting and Receiving Antennas
      • Grip (demountable and installation)
      • Device Bag
      • Certificate of Guarantee
      • User's Guide

    Technical Specifications

     Search System long-distance sensing system (LDS) /
    Search Principle Digital Frequency Signal Processing (DFSP) / To Receiving Electrostatic Fields of the targets
    Operating Processor MICROCONTROLLER PIC18
    Operating Frequency From 1 kHz to 9 kHz
    Power 4 AAA batteries 1.5 volts / Equivalent of 6-volt interchangeable
    Power Consumption Maximum of consumption 25 mAh
    Battery Life 32 hours
    Display Type LEDs Interface
    Targets Diamonds – Emerald – Meteorites – All Gemstones.
    Targets Discrimination Yes
    Target Selection System Yes, can choose the target type before the start search
    Depth Search 10m, With the controlling system in the depth leve
    Distance Search 200m, With the controlling system in the distance level
    Results Feedback Through orientation toward the target location accompanied by acoustic Alerts
    Automatic Smart Guidance System Yes, through the Smart LDEs interface to locate the target path.
    Voice Alerts Yes
    Vibrating Alert Yes
    Operating Temperature From -15° C to 60° C
    Storage Temperature From -15° C to 40° C
    Humidity It can be stored and work in the degree rate of air humidity of level 90%.
    Weight Compound: 700 gr – disjointed in the bag: 1 kg
    Dimensions 16X9.5X2.5 cm
    Bag Dimensions 34X28X08 cm