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Free Shipping Until the End of the Week - Order Now!

Gray Ghost Amphibian II Headphones for Deus 2 Metal Detectors

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Discover the Gray Ghost Amphibian II Headphones: Redefining Underwater Detection

Revolutionary Design: The Gray Ghost Amphibian II Headphones are meticulously designed to serve both as your primary land headphones and your go-to waterproof headphones for underwater adventures. Fully submersible up to 200 feet, they do not compromise on sound quality or functionality.

Enhanced Internal Design: The new internal configuration ensures louder volume without sacrificing clarity, offering an immersive audio experience even in the most challenging environments.

Technical Excellence:

  • Coil Cable: A robust 48-inch coil cable with a waterproof plug ensures durability and reliability in all conditions.
  • Speakers: State-of-the-art solid-state speakers are engineered for sensitivity and efficiency, whether on land or submerged.
  • Noise Isolation: The special muff design blocks up to 24 decibels of ambient noise, ensuring a focused detecting experience.
  • Comfort: Thick, plush, soft polymer cushions encase the ears completely, providing both comfort and sound isolation.
  • Durability: The headphones feature a heavy-duty muff-to-muff connection cable and an adjustable, fully padded headband, free from screws, wire frames, and rust risk.
  • Portability: A compact and foldable design makes them easy to carry and store.
  • Craftsmanship: Proudly built in the USA, these headphones exemplify the finest in detection technology.

Unbeatable Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year warranty, covering any defects in materials and workmanship, valid for the original consumer purchaser. This warranty is a testament to the confidence and quality embedded in every pair of Gray Ghost Amphibian II Headphones.


Technical Specification Details
Coil Cable Heavy-duty 48″ Coil Cable with Waterproof Plug
Speakers Solid-state Speakers designed for maximum sensitivity, efficiency, and durability in dry or wet conditions, regardless of depth
Muff Design Special Sound-blocking Muff Design eliminating ambient noise up to 24 decibels
Cushions Heavy-duty Thick, Plush, Soft Polymer Cushions with full-ear surround
Connection Cable Heavy-duty Muff-to-Muff Connection Cable
Headband Adjustable Fully Padded Headband with no screws, no wire frame, no rust
Design Compact Carry and Storage with a convenient foldable design
Manufacturing Built in the USA