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Free Shipping Until the End of the Week - Order Now!

Hydro Tracker Underground Water Detector

by Ajax
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$7,400.00 - $7,400.00
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Revolutionize groundwater discovery with Hydro Tracker: Advanced integration and precision in locating underground water sources made swift and accurate.

  • Battery
    • A powerful rechargeable battery keeps you going all day 7.4 volts, 7000mAh (52 W), Typical usage time 12 hours.
  • Depth Reach
    • 1000 meters max of real depth can be reached. Dream about getting what’s underground by going deep through.
  • Languages
    • Hydro Tracker device supports many languages wherever you are around the world English, Deutsch, French, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and Urdu.
  • Display
    • The best monitor ever in sunny days and the dark places. TFT Color, 7 inch 480x800 WVGA, with 24 bits colorful.
  • High-Tech Audio Alerts
    • It is used to distinguish between targets with a specific tone for each, You will easily distinguish the target sound.
  • Warranty
    • AJAX got your back and gives you 2 Years of warranty; A team of professional engineers follows up with you after dealing.
  • Detection Systems
    • Hydro Tracker device operates on a highly efficient 4 search systems designed under the supervision of specialized engineers and globally tested to guarantee its results.
  • Detection Targets
    • All types of groundwater, The exact depth of water reservoirs, Humidity, Salinity, soil temperature.
  • Quality
    • Ajax devices are American-made products that have won ISO and CE COMPLIANCE certificates for their quality and efficiency.
  • Manual Scan
    • This system stands out for its speed and ease of use, particularly suited for rapid detection within a specific, small area. It employs two ground probes and confines the search process to the area between them. The results are presented in a tabular format, detailing the name of the scanned line, the rate of detected water, its type, and depth, thereby providing a comprehensive overview of the findings.
  • Auto Scan
    • This system offers a thorough scan across six lines, notable for its simplicity and swiftness. It includes a signal purification feature and a unit for measuring soil temperature and humidity, enhancing the accuracy of the results. Ideal for large-area detection, it involves sequential searching using four ground probes. The system provides detailed and comprehensive results for each line, ensuring a complete overview of the detected area.
  • Advanced Scan
    • This system conducts an exhaustive scan across six lines and is specifically designed for expert use. It requires manual configuration of the scanning system's parameters, tailored to the specific area of operation. This includes setting the type of soil, the desired depth of detection, and the spacing between the ground probes. The system is enhanced by using signal purification and a unit to measure soil temperature and humidity. It operates over a wide area, employing sequential searches with four ground probes. The system yields detailed and comprehensive results for each line, providing experts with a thorough analysis of the scanned area.
  • 3D Ground Imaging
    • This system represents a groundbreaking advancement in groundwater detection science. It delivers results as both 2D images and 3D perspectives of the search area, allowing users to view the findings from different angles as needed. This high-level functionality enables precise analysis of each point within the search area, providing detailed information about the depth and the exact water percentage at each location.
  • Includes:
    • Temperature & Moisture Unit
    • Geo Probes
    • Connection Wires
    • Connection Cables
    • Connection Clips
    • Power Adapter

Technical specifications

Operate Principal Analyzing signals, processing data, and converting them into visual results.
Display Screen TFT Color, 7 inch 480*800 WVGA, color depth 24 bit
Battery Internal, Lithium Ion 7.4 V, 7000mAh (52 W)
Power consumption Average consumption 400 mAh
Battery working hours More than 12 hours continuous when the battery is fully charged (Working hours may differ according to screen brightness, volume level and scan operations)
Electrical Charger Power input 100-240V AC, Output (PD 12V.1.5A)
Volume High quality mono sound.
Languages Provided in 8 languages
Time & Date Yes
Device Weight 9.75 KG
Bag Dimensions 23*40*52 cm
Package Dimensions 23.5*42*54 cm
Operating Temperature From (-10C to +60C) – From (+50F to 140F)
Storage temperature From (-10C to +80C) – From (50F to 176F)