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Free Shipping Until the End of the Week - Order Now!

Omega Detector w/ Color Screen Deep Geolocator Underground Water

by Ajax
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$5,100.00 - $5,100.00
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Say goodbye to random drilling with Omega Groundwater Detector: a game-changer in efficient and precise groundwater detection across diverse global terrains.

  • Battery
    • A powerful rechargeable battery keeps you going all day 7.4 volts, 3300 mAh, Typical usage time 10 hours.
  • Depth Reach
    • 500 meters max of real depth can be reached. Dream about getting what’s underground by going deep through.
  • Languages
    • Omega device supports many languages wherever you are around the world English, French, Spanish, Deutsche, Russian, Arabic, Turkish and Italian.
  • Display
    • The best monitor ever in sunny days and the dark places. TFT Color, 5 inch, with 16 bits colorful.
  • High-Tech Audio Alerts
    • It is used to distinguish between targets with a specific tone for each, You will easily distinguish the target sound.
  • Warranty
    • AJAX got your back and gives you 2 Years of warranty; A team of professional engineers follows up with you after dealing.
  • Detection Systems
    • Omega device operates on a highly efficient 3 search systems designed under the supervision of specialized engineers and globally tested to guarantee its results.
  • Detection Targets
    • Underground Water, Groundwater Location, Groundwater Path, And Groundwater Type (Fresh Or Salty E.G.) and Determine The Optimal Point For Drilling.
  • Quality
    • Ajax devices are American-made products that have won ISO and CE COMPLIANCE certificates for their quality and efficiency.
  • Long-Range Detection Systems (Automatic & Manual)
    • These systems are specialized to detect underground water from long distances. By using intelligent calibration technology, OMEGA recognizes the type of each search area and offers accurate results. It has a wide range of frequencies and allows a front distance of up to 2850 meters and depth reaching 500 meters based on field tests in different terrains.
  • Geophysical System
    • OMEGA geophysical Prospecting System is developed and designed specially to detect all types of groundwater, since it measures the soil resistivity by connecting four metallic probes to the ground and to check whether there is any groundwater.
  • Includes:
    • Ajax Mini Bag
    • Transceiver Antennas
    • High Gain Antenna
    • Connecting Box
    • Connection Cables
    • Connection Clips Geo Probes
    • Connection Wires
    • Ajax Battery
    • Power Adapter
    • Headphones

Technical specifications

Detection System 3 optional systems
Operating Principle Processing data and digital signals and converting them to visual and audible results
Processor Architecture MIPS 32
Operation processor M4K™ Core
Display Screen TFT Color LCD, 800 x 480 WVGA, 16-bit color depth
Battery 7.4 volts, 3300 mAh
Power Rating 400 mA
Battery Endurance Typical usage time 10 hours
Power Adapter 240-100 VAC / 15 VDC – EU Plug
Storage 1 GB / it can save to 1000 scans.
Sound High quality sounds, 32 KBIT/S, MP3
Notifications Sound and tactile feedback configurable in the settings menu for
Bluetooth 2.4 GHz, sensitivity up to -80dBm.
Languages Multilingual User Interface with support for 8 languages.
Date and Time Real Time Clock could be set manually or automatically via GPS time.
Login Restriction Configurable PIN.
Overall Dimensions 53x49x20 cm
Package Total Weight 8 kg
Operating temperature From -10° C to 60° C (14° F – 140° F)
Storage temperature From -10° C to 80° C (14° F – 176° F)
Humidity Could be stored and operated at relative humidity level up to 90%.