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Free Shipping Until the End of the Week - Order Now!

WF-303 GH Groundwater Detector 2in1

by MWF
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The "WF-303 GH" represents the latest innovation in groundwater detection, specifically designed to meet the needs of farmers and water prospectors. This sophisticated device significantly reduces the challenges of random digging and fatigue, providing accurate and reliable results for groundwater detection, ideal for digging wells.

  • Battery
    • 6 Work hours
  • Screen
    • Colored 4.3” For Main Unit And 3.2” For Attached Unit Screen
  • Device system
    • (LRL) Hand-held & Geophysics
  • Discrimination Between targets
    • Yes (By option)
  • Depth
    • From 0 To 1000 m
  • Distance
    • 2 km for LRL / 1500 m for Geophysical


The WF 303 GH machine marks the end of common well-drilling challenges, designed specifically for farmers and water prospectors. This advanced device addresses the need for a sophisticated tool that minimizes fatigue and random digging, delivering precise and definite results for groundwater detection. Developed by MWF Group after more than seven years of research and development, the WF 303 GH boasts unparalleled specifications. It specializes in detecting and exploring groundwater up to 800 meters deep and covers a search distance of 2 km. Notably, it determines water salinity, water type, and conducts ground layer analysis, identifying metallic rocks, granite, cavities, and other potential drilling hindrances. Users receive detailed reports on water and soil conditions, aiding in obstacle-free and accurate drilling. The device is outfitted with two integrated systems for groundwater search: a geophysical survey system and a Handheld LRL system, making it a comprehensive solution for efficient groundwater exploration.

    • The Automatic Tuning System (ATS): A unique and innovative invention by MWF GROUP, ATS revolutionizes detection accuracy across various soil types and terrains. It automatically recognizes soil types and tailors the search process accordingly, perfectly aligning with soil properties. This system effectively eliminates interference from rocky and mountainous terrain, a common issue with other detectors. ATS is adept at sorting, analyzing, and adjusting the frequency signal, voltage, and signal wavelength, ensuring error-free and reliable detection results and setting a new standard in detection technology.

    • User-Friendly Interface: The system's interface allows users to select their preferred detection system and adjust search settings with ease and flexibility.

    • Advanced Signal Filtering Systems: These systems prevent interference from radio waves or other frequency waves present in the air or soil.

    • Wireless Connection System: Enables smart wireless communication with accompanying search systems.

    • High-Quality Manufacturing: The product is made using the best elastomers, electronic components, and circuits, adhering to international standards for quality and accuracy.

    • User-Friendly and Accessible: The device is designed for ease of use, suitable for users of all experience levels.

    • Lightweight and Portable: All components are housed in a strong, shockproof plastic case, making it easy to move around.

    • Intuitive Control Panel: The control panel includes pressure buttons for POWER, MOVE, ENTER, and Back, enhancing user interaction.

    • Fast and Detailed Results: The device swiftly provides comprehensive data about the water point, including density, depth, type, and a full soil type report.

    • Unparalleled Precision: Offers high precision in water identification and detection, ensuring 100% existence with a 0% error rate.

    • Advanced Electronic System: Displays all search data and results directly on the device screen.

    • Optimal Water Point Identification: Determines the largest accumulation point of water, ensuring the longevity of well water production.

    • New Advanced Functions: Enables users to complete the search process with ease and without complications.

    • Smart Battery and Charging Feature: Provides accurate battery level tracking and alerts, with a smart charging system that monitors battery charge in real-time, whether the device is ON or OFF.

    • Helpful On-Screen Messages: Automatic instructions and help messages guide users through the device's usage and search process.

    • High-Definition TFT Color Display: The 4.3-inch display offers clear, high-definition visuals for better user experience.

  • The device’s general settings menu gives you control of the following:
    • Screen Brightness Control: Gives you comfortable and convenient lighting with 10 different levels of brightness. 
    • Volume control: gives you precise and convenient volume control, with 5 different volume levels or silent modes as well. 
    • Language Control: Multilingual and gives you control over changing the language of your previously saved device to another language
  • Includes:
    • The Main Unit of the Device (the controller)
    • 4 Electro-rods (Probes) to connect electrical energy to the soil
    • 4 Dynamic Cord Reel Cable
    • Connection Wires for a Geophysical System
    • Wireless Connection Antenna
    • Ground Transmitter Unites, for LRL System
    • Handheld LRL Units + Transceiver Antenna + Grip
    • Device Plastic Case (Anti-Shock)
    • Electric Charger
    • 3-Year Warranty Card
    • User's Guide
    • Tutorial DVD

 Technical Specifications

Search system:

1. Advanced Handheld LRL system, acoustic & Guideline LDS

2. Automatic Geophysical Search System (VES)

Search principle:

1. Digital Frequency Signal Processing (DFSP) / To Receiving Electrostatic Fields of the water.

2. Automatic processing to measure & analyze the levels of electrical resistance of the ground and polar groupings (IP) VES technology

Operating processor
Operating Search Frequency

1. From 9 kHz to 11 kHz for LRL

2. Automatic measurement of electrical resistance

 Main unit: 3 cells 3.7 V, 3000 mAh, LRL unit: 2 cells 3.7 V 2000 mA.
Power consumption
Main unit: Maximum of consumption 400 mA / LRL unit: 200 mA
Battery life
6 work hours
13 volt 3 amp / Charging Time 3 hours
Display Type
Colored 4.3” For main Unit And 3.2” For Attached Unit Screen, 65536 Color, 48Mhz, CDMA GPU
Specialized in detects
Targets Discrimination
Target Selection System:
freshwater – mineral water – salty water – all types of water optional with LRL System, and automatic with the geophysical system.
Depth Search
1000 m
Distance Search
2 km for LRL system / 1500 square meters for the geophysical system
Results feedback

1. LRL, Through Guideline toward target location accompanied by sound + graphical and vibration alerts.

2. Geophysics, automatic results about water type: type / value / density / depth.

Wireless yes
Automatic smart guidance system
Yes, by a graphical interface to locate the path and direction of the target, and Acoustic commands
Sound Alerts
Vibration alert
Operating temperature
From -15° C to 60° C
Storage temperature
From -15° C to 40° C
It can be stored and work in the degree rate of air humidity of level 90%.
11.5 kg with bag – main unit 1 kg – LRL unit 1 kg installed
27×19.5×7.5 cm, Main unit
Bag dimensions
52X40X23cm, Full package